Desi Oktaviani

Renaissance Art

Thesis: Renaissance art was the beginning of a new outlook as humans became the center of the universe and religion and antiquity was shown in the painters detailed works such as Donatello, Da Vinci and Michaelangelo.

-Began in Florence, Italy
- Imitate nature
-Humans became the center of everything

-Sandro Boticelli
  • Interested in Greek and Roman mythology
  • Primavera also known as Spring; Garden of Venus which was a garden of eternal spring
  • Classical ancient times
  • Well distinct figures
Boticelli's: Primavera
external image La%20Primavera.jpg

-Donato Di Donatello
  • Statue of David; First life-size statue, bronze nude version
    • external image 250px-Donatello_-_David_-_Floren%C3%A7a.jpg
  • Statue celebrated Florentine heroism
  • Simple and power which reflected the pride of humanity

-Filippo Brunelleschi
  • Inspired from architectural monuments of Roman antiquity
  • Architecht
  • Designed the Church of San Lorenzo
  • Inspired by Roman models
  • Classic columns, rounded arches, coffered ceiling
  • Comfortable for humans
  • Used geometric principles

-Accurate interpretation of facial features and at the same time showed the inner traits of the characters on the canvas

High renaissance artists
  • Raphael
    • Started as a painter at age 25
    • Madonnas were used to achieve an ideal of beauty
    • Painted Frescoes in the Vatican Palace
    • School of Athens classical influence of renaissance art, used faces of his inspirations(da Vinci, Bramante, and Michaelangelo)
      • external image school-of-athens2.jpg
  • Donato Bramante
    • Small temple on the site of Saint Peter's martyrdom
      • Doric columns
    • Recaptured the beauty of more
    • Basilica; Church with broad nave and columned aisles
  • Jan Van Eyeck
    • First to use the oil paint which allowed a wide range of colors and very detailed paints
    • Giovanni Arnolfini and his Wife
    • Realistic observations of the laws by visual reality
  • Albert Durer
    • Adoration of Magi
      • Adoration Of The Magi - Albrecht Durer -
        Adoration Of The Magi - Albrecht Durer -
    • Usage of watercolors made him one of the 1st European landscape artist
  • Michaelangelo
    • Painter, Sculptor and Architect
    • Influenced by Neoplatonism
    • Created 14 feet high sculpture of "David", marble version
    • Spent many years creating and completing the frescoes in Sistine Chapel; painted nine scenes from the Old Testament
    • Pieta sculptor which is now located in the Basilica of St.Peter
    • external image pieta.jpg
  • Leonardo da Vinci
    • Last supper, Mona Lisa works in oil paint
    • Studied everything and dissected to see how nature worked
    • Drawings of planks of a tank, helicopters, ideal construction of the roads and canal system
da Vinci's: Mona Lisa
external image monalisa.jpg