Michael Helson
Why were Europeans able to impress their will upon other "inferior" peoples of America from the 15th to 17th century?
A picture depicting the colonization, or "economic and political control", of the Americas:
external image Colonization_of_the_Americas_1750.PNG
Political Reasons:
· The explorers that sailed to America picked out areas in which to conquer in the Treaty of Tordesillas, leading to a unified European influence
· The indigenous American population was relatively disorganized, and unprepared to resist the Europeans as one
· Recent archaeological excavations have induced the notion of a vast Spanish-Indian alliance numbering in the hundreds of thousands. Along with cavalry and the use of cannons as a siege weapon, the Spanish conquistadores were able to utilize the divisions among native ethnic groups and implement them with their own forces.
· Europeans were great deceivers, and using their power of deception over the ignorant natives, they were able to gain more control
Economical reasons:
· Europeans simply had a better economy
· They were able to distribute supplies, weapons, and manpower better
Technological Reasons:
· The technology of Europe far surpassed that of the Americas
· European success came from their ability to build a vessel in which to travel and find the other civilization
· Advanced weaponry was a leading cause in European success; their guns and cannons helped them achieve victory over the natives