Dawon Lee

Crusading mentality strong with: Portugal and Spain
Portugal: seeking access to spice trade by sailing eastward (Indian Ocean)
Spain: seeking to reach same destination by sailing westward (Atlantic Ocean)

Treaty of Tordesillas - divided up newly discovered world into separate Portuguese and Spanish spheres of influence
  • Portugal - route east around Cape of Good Hope
  • Spain - route across the Atlantic

Spanish encomienda - system that permitted the conquering Spaniards to collect tribute from natives and use them as laborers and supposed to protect Indians, pay them wages, and supervise their spiritual needs
  • Spanish settlers ignored government and brutally used Indians for own economic interest

Spanish haciendas - plantations to exploit agricultural and mineral riches of the land

New diseases to Indians: smallpox, measles, typhus

  • Prince Henry the Navigator of Portugal
    • lead in exploring coast of Africa
    • to create Christian kingdom and establish trade opportunities
  • Vasco da Gama
    • rounded the Cape of Good Hope
    • crossed the Arabian Sea and reached port of Calicut (southwestern coast of India)
    • search of "Christians and spices"
  • Pedro Cabral
    • accidentally discovered continent of South America
  • Bartholomew Dias
    • sailed around Cape of Good Hope (tip of Africa)
  • Christopher Columbus
    • felt Asia could be reached by sailing west instead of around Africa
    • supported by Queen Isabella of Spain
    • reached Bahamas... believed that he reached Asia (until death)
    • assured Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand that he'll eventually find gold and convert natives to Christianity
  • Vasco Nunez de Balboa
    • led expedition across Isthmus of Panama and reached Pacific Ocean
  • Ferdinand Magellan
    • passed through straits at southern tip of South America
    • sailed across pacific Ocean
    • reached Philippines
    • first known circumnavigation of the earth
Spanish Empire in New World...
  • Henry Cortes
    • landed at Veracruz (Gulf of Mexico)
    • marched into city of Tenochtitlan & recieved friendly welcom
    • began to pillage city... Axtec Empire was gone
  • Francisco Pizarro
    • landed on Pacific coast of South America
    • had weapons, gunpowder, horses
    • established new capital at Lima for new colony of Spanish Empire
  • John Cabot
    • explored New England coastline of Americas

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