Desi Oktaviani

Explorer’s age in Europe

Thesis: Explorers were now on their own to discover new lands,new spices and new people with the help and support of their patrons.

· Prince Henry the Navigator
o Wanted to seek Christian Kingdom and expand Christianity
o established schools to learn how to sail
o Acquired trade for Portugal
o Africans were used as slaves
o Patron for expeditions of discovery in the Atlantic Ocean
· Christopher Columbus
o 3 Ships; Santa Maria, Nina and Pinta
o August 3, 1492 left to reach Asia by sailing westàthought he reached Asia but landed in Americas
o Discovered the “New World” which is known as America
o Sponsored by Queen Elizabeth(Spain)
· Vasco da Gama
o Motive was to control and dominate Arabian and Indian trade, he wanted to find spices, gold and Christians
o Brought spices, ginger and cinnamon back
o Beat Turks and Indians to form blockade of trade through the Red Sea
o Reached Cape of Good Hope then sailed to the port of Calicut
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· John Cabot
o Italian Navigator who discovered North America
o Meca to collect spices, perfumes, skills, and precious stones
· Ferdinand Magellan
o Sailed the southern tip of South America then across Pacific Ocean then reached Phillipines
o 1st Circumnavigation of the earth
· Hernan Cortes
o Landed at Veracruz, Gulf of Mexico
o Marched to city of Tenochtitlan and made alliances with city-states
o Conquered Aztec Empire in Mexico
  • Treaty of Tordesillas
    • divided world into Portuguese and Spanish spheres of influence