Michael Helson
Compare and contrast motives of the Age of Exploration and of the Age of Imperialism.
A map showing the Treaty of Tordesillas between Spain and Portugal
external image Iberian_Union_Empires.png
· Economic motive
v hopes for finding precious metals
v new areas of trade (spices)
· Religious motive
v Missions
· Grandeur motive
v prestige of country
· Curiosity motive
v What's out there?
v the writings of Amerigo
external image Colonial_Africa_1914_map.png
· Social Darwinism Justification
v War is a biological necessity that stimulates healthy growth
· Racism Justification
v inferior races must be conquered
· Existence of competitive nation-states determinant
v Europe grew tense, heightened competition led states to acquire naval ports abroad
· Grandeur motive
v national prestige
v tied into nationalism, leading to WW1
· White Man's Burden rationalization