Karen Chou
17th Century Culture

  • French Classicism-clarity, simplicity, balance, and harmony, austere version of High Renaissance, classical antiquity, rejected emotionalism and high drama
    • Nicholas Poussin-portrayal of noble subjects, classical mythology, Landscape with the Burial of Phocian
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  • Dutch Realism-realistic portrayal of secular everyday life, commissioned by wealth of Dutch commerce
    • Leyester-first female member of the painting Fuild of St. Luke in Haarlem; musicians, women, and children as subject matters; Self-Portrait
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    • Rembrandt van Rijn-opulent portraits and grandiose scenes in a colorful fashion, turned away from materialistic success and public approval to follow artistic path, introspective with age, biblical, Protestant painter, avoided monumental subjects( Creation, Last Judgment), individual relationship with God, inward suffering in evocative scenes, Syndics of the Cloth Guild
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  • French Neoclassicism-elite audience, depend on royal patronage, attract attention to monarchy, clever polished and correct over emotional and imaginative, Greek and Roman sources
    • Racine-Phedre follows Greek tragedy Hippolytus, focus on conflicts like love, honor, and duty that characterized and revealed the tragic dimensions of life
    • Moliere- favor of the French court, Louis XIV patronage, satire religious and social world, The Misanthrope: mocked the corruption of court society, Tartuffe: ridiculed religious hypocrisy